At CHRR, we work with multiple clients on a wide range of diverse and complex surveys and administrative data projects.

National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS)
The NLS, sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are nationally representative surveys that follow the same sample of individuals from specific birth cohorts over time. Read more about the surveys on our NLS project page.
American Population Panel (APP)
The APP is a group of volunteer members who agree to participate in social science and health related studies. Any individual 18 years or older living in the US can be a member of CHRR's American Population Panel. Read more about the surveys on our APP project page.
Study of Social and Emotional Skills (SSES)
The SSES is sponsored by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (Paris, France) to identify those social and emotional skills that are cross-cultural, malleable, measurable, and that contribute to the success and well-being of both the youth and their society. Multiple sites around the world will administer the assessments and surveys to students, school staff, and parents to provide participating countries with information on policies and practices that nurture these skills. Find out more about the SSES on the SSES website.
Ohio Education Research Center (OERC)
The OERC connects research, education and policy for Ohio's Schools. CHRR constructs and maintains a longitudinal database of Ohio education data and provides access to OERC researchers around the state. Additional information about the OERC is located on our OERC project page.
Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive (OLDA)
OLDA is a repository of Ohio public administrative records maintained by CHRR for several Ohio agencies and offers researchers a unique opportunity to analyze the education, work, and training experiences of Ohioans over time. Researchers can learn more about accessing this data at the OLDA project page.
Ohio Study
The Ohio Study collects information on how children spend their time in a typical week, such as where they go, who they spend their time with, and what they do. Additional information is located on the Ohio Study project page.
Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey (OHYES!)
OHYES! is an online health student survey for grades 7-12 for which CHRR is providing the respondent communications and marketing materials and is a collaboration with several Ohio agencies. Read more about the survey at our OHYES! project page.
Aging in Place Research Study
The Aging in Place Research Study focuses on reverse mortgages in order to better understand their economic viability for older adults. Details about the study are avaialble on the Aging in Place project page.
Ohio Housing Needs Survey
The Ohio Housing Needs Survey asked about Ohioans current housing situation and the desirability of homeownership. Additional information about the survey is located on our Ohio Housing Needs project page.
Additional CHRR projects have included the following surveys:
  • 2011 Ohio Mid-Size Business Study
  • New Immigrant Survey
  • Fisher College of Business: Fisher Survey
  • Fisher College of Business: The Influence of Driver Control Practices on Transportation Firms Performance and Turnover
  • Rio Grande Valley Health/Encuesta de la Salud del Valle Rio Grande
  • Rural Youth Education Project
  • Global History of Health Project
  • Consumer Finance Monthly
  • Coastal Household Telephone Survey (NOAA)
  • Angler License Directory Survey (NOAA)