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The Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey (OHYES!) was a statewide survey of Ohio school students in 7th and 11th grades first conducted in the fall of 2015. OHYES! questions covered far-ranging topics, including:

  • Demographics;
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use;
  • School climate, including bullying;
  • Physical and mental health and well-being;
  • Parental attitudes and influences;
  • Community factors;
  • School achievement.

The OHYES! data provided a snapshot of youth health behaviors across the state of Ohio. This snapshot was used to:

  • Help school systems access needs and make strategic plans and prioritize;
  • Guide educational policy;
  • Raise awareness of youth needs;
  • Track program goals;
  • Provide rationales for program funding.

CHRR provided respondent communications and marketing materials for this student survey, which was a collaborative effort of the Ohio Departments of Education, Health and Mental Health & Addiction Services, Ohio National Guard, and representatives from higher education, juvenile courts, foundations and community service providers.