American Population Panel

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The American Population Panel, also known as the APP, is a group of volunteer members who agree to participate in social science and health related studies for research purposes. These studies are conducted by CHRR utilizing our 50+ years of survey expertise and large data projects management capabilities. We established the American Population Panel to assist researchers by providing a cost-effective way to access respondents ready to participate in research surveys.

To build panel membership, we recruit individuals 18 years or older living in the U.S. using traditional methods as well as newer strategies, such as social media campaigns. We collect basic demographic information from panel members in order to match them with a variety of studies. Once an individual has joined the panel and provided their demographic information, they will be contacted to take part in paid research surveys as their information matches one or more projects. The privacy of all panel members is protected.

If you're interested in joining the panel, please register at:
If you're a researcher interested in using the panel for your study, please contact us at:
Learn more about the panel at our website:

The APP uses the following CHRR services:

  • Sample Design and Management
  • Survey and Questionnaire Design
  • Survey Management
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Security
  • Database Administration
  • IRB Coordination

Service descriptions can be found on CHRR's services page.