CHRR provides a variety of services to help you with your research:

Sample Design & ManagementSample Design and Management
We help researchers define, contact, and manage their desired demographic group for study purposes, including sample procedures and maintenance of sample records.
Survey & Questionnaire DesignSurvey and Questionnaire Design
CHRR experts in survey design will assist you with written and verbal survey questions in order to obtain more complete respondent answers and information.
Survey ManagementSurvey Management
CHRR administers, tracks, and manages the survey process in its various stages: design and planning, IRB review, data collection including coordinating field staff, and diagnostic and analysis reporting.
Data CollectionData Collection
We provide several modes of data collection, such as in-person and telephone interviews, mail surveys, and digital survey access through web and mobile. CHRR has the staff and technical capability to support multi-lingual surveys.
Data AnalyticsData Analytics
CHRR has experience with large administrative datasets, with the ability to match data from multiple sources, provide de-identified data for research, and create interactive dashboards and data visualizations. Research staff are available to provide analysis support with statistical software and reporting.
Data SecurityData Security NIST 800-53
CHRR’s comprehensive security program protects data using the latest guidelines published by the federal government. Our network and computer infrastructure uses firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus, encryption, and other access controls to ensure data stays safe. Critical data is also regularly backed up to a secure off-site location to ensure robust operational availability.
Database AdministrationDatabase Administration
Our capabilities include the administration of large longitudinal surveys, data governance and custodial expertise, data cleaning, editing, documentation and dissemination using secure, user-friendly methods. CHRR's technical staff maintain a highly secure data and network infrastructure.
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephony
CHRR uses in-house VoIP services to manage virtual call centers operating coast to coast and around the world. We offer a cost-effective, securely encrypted and tightly controlled data collection system. Our VoIP systems are managed by a team of Systems engineers with telephony and network experience.
IRB CoordinationIRB Coordination
We have a dedicated Institutional Review Board specialist to assist you with your project documentation for the review board process.
HIPAA CompliantHIPAA Compliant
CHRR meets HIPAA standards for protecting individuals’ private health information by adhering to established security protocols when handling and storing health-related data.