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From the CHRR Director’s Desk Issue #24

April 15, 2024

From the CHRR Director’s Desk Issue #24

By Stephen M. Gavazzi, Ph.D.

The Latest News, Views, and Announcements

What’s New at CHRR

This month we welcome our newest Team Member, Xiangyu Ren, who is serving as a data science analyst attached to the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive initiative (and will work on Ohio Educational Research Center projects as needed). Xiangyu has a diverse academic background and has earned degrees from both Ohio State and New York University. At Ohio State, Xiangyu earned her bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. Later, at NYU, she pursued her Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree and master’s degree in Quantitative Economics. Her diverse academic background not only grants her the opportunity to develop her interests in policy evaluation but also helps her build a solid foundation in advanced quantitative methods. Before joining CHRR and OERC, she was an associate research scientist at NYU, focusing on knowledge production and education policy. Xiangyu is thrilled about the opportunity to join our team, as this role “offers an incredible chance to explore meaningful data and contribute to evaluating and shaping effective education policy.” Welcome aboard!

CHRR's Leadership Team

Today marked the fourth and final time that the CHRR Leadership Team met with Jeff Agnoli in service to our Strategic Doing work. Our discussion surrounded a more intensive focus on the Mission, Vision, and Values statements that were drafted last summer and subsequently were reviewed by the entire CHRR team last November in our first-ever Virtual Town Hall. I will be reporting on the results of this meeting in next month's newsletter. There is plenty to discuss!

As well, all supervisors within CHRR will be meeting this coming Wednesday in service to a discussion about the new performance evaluation tools that have been made available by ASC. I also plan on reporting in more detail on that conversation next month.

CHRR Team Member Celebrations

You win with people.” -Woody Hayes

As promised in last month’s newsletter, this new space will be used to observe the work anniversaries of our valued employees. This month, we are celebrating three individuals:

  • Amanda Roose, 27 years of service to CHRR.
  • Jason Dale, 24 years of service to CHRR.
  • Oxana Berezkina, 17 years of service to CHRR.

These three individuals collectively have provided CHRR with almost 70 years of experience in project management, technology services, and database administration. Thank you for all that you do!

Things You Might Want to Know

New Publication from Research Using the American Population Panel (APP)

A study that used the APP recently was published in the journal Security Studies. In combination with other databases, the APP sample (N = 1,593) gathered in October 2020 was used to study how perceptions of power can shape political attitudes.

The citation for the full study is as follows:

Pomeroy, C. (2024). Hawks Become Us: The Sense of Power and Militant Foreign Policy Attitudes. Security Studies, 33(1), 88–114. https://doi-org.proxy.lib.ohio-state.edu/10.1080/09636412.2023.2252736